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R & D

Incoming inspection
  • 01 Chip inspection
    Strict implementation of the model, quantity, packaging, appearance, photoelectric characteristics of the test, the main check wafer film is anti-static, to avoid electrostatic damage to the chip; check chip electrode surface contamination or oxidation exceeds the electrode area of 10%, to ensure the gold wire welding strength Reliable; Check whether the chip cutting bad or scratch, to avoid the chip brightness loss.
  • 02 Scaffold inspection
    Strict implementation of the model, quantity, packaging, appearance, character inspection, the main check bracket plating is missing, to avoid the lamp beads decay of brightness; Check the bracket gas tightness test to ensure that the reliability of light beads gas pass reliability; 4H after discoloration, to ensure that the lamp beads gas heat resistance qualified; check the bracket vulcanization test is sulfide, to avoid failure of the lamp beads vulcanization.
  • 03 Gold line inspection
    Strict implementation of the model, length, packaging, trial production inspection, the main check gold line is contaminated, to avoid poor welding, poor electrical conductivity; test gold wire tension is less than the diameter corresponding to pull, to avoid welding wire, to ensure welding strength.
  • 04 Phosphor test
    Strict implementation of the model, quality, packaging, trial production test, the main check phosphor is damp, to avoid the excitation efficiency is reduced; check the product after the finished product brightness meets the requirements to ensure that the finished product brightness standards; Required 5%, to ensure that the finished product fading superscript.
Made of inspection

The finished inspection includes the inspection of equipment, tools, materials, auxiliary materials and processes. The inspection contents are conducted according to the rounds of quality control projects formulated by our company. The inspection process is strictly implemented according to the corresponding inspection procedures.We are right A batch of product quality inspection results are filled in a single reservation, we test the product itself, the implementation of one-vote veto the system, any one of the failed products, we will return the problem products to the previous operation, until you find The root cause of the problem and its resolution. For problem products, we will carry out assessment of the problems and irreparable problems of products will be scrapped.

Shipping inspection

Shipment inspection using visual inspection, the main check product information and label information is consistent, and to ensure that the packaging neat, sealed, moisture-proof.